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The Professional Pest Control in Greenhithe That Ticks All The Right Boxes.

When it comes to finding the right company for Pest Control in Greenhithe – we know you want them dealt with promptly and completely. 

What we also know though is you don’t want to have to wait until the next day – or after the weekend. If a Pest Control company comes out in the evening or weekend, you don’t want to have to pay extra for the privilege. 

If you are a business then you probably don’t want a van outside with ABC Pest Control written on it. 

So with DA Pest Control, we think of all these little details. Which is why we are available 24/7 and offer SAME DAY call-out. We also used unmarked vans – can deal with any pest and best of all – we offer a 100% eradication guarantee!!!!!

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All of our PCO's are Level 2 Certified in Pest Management.

Think Wildlife Campaign for responsible rodenticide
Think Wildlife Campaign for responsible rodenticide


Your home is your castle, and when there are little invaders everywhere – you want to take back control as quickly as possible.  For Pest Control in Greenhithe that is available SAME DAY – call us to help claim your home back. 


We offer rapid-response and discreet Pest Control Services to businesses in the DA9 postcode area. From tackling food hygiene risks, to customer-menacing pests, we offer SAME-DAY service. 

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Answering Your Questions

We hope you have found this page a useful insight into our services offering professional Pest Control in Greenhithe and surrounding areas. 

What Do You Charge?

We have set costs to eradicate pests and we never charge more than the price you have been given.  Once the Technician has carried out the initial treatment he will know how the pest entered the property and they will offer advice on proofing, which will help ensure that you do not experience the same problem again.  If the proofing required is something you would like us to carry out then a cost for this will be discussed.

What does your Technician do when he gets here?

First of all the Technician will carry out a thorough inspection of your property to ascertain where pests actually entered, where the breeding sites are and where pests are foraging. 

Once they have carried out the inspection they will prescribe the best treatment for you, which may be the use of pesticides. 

All pesticides used are placed in accordance with all current legislation and, in the event of rodent activity, are also placed inside tamper resistant bait stations for safety. 

The Technician carries various pesticides and will prescribe the best and safest method during the initial treatment.  After the first treatment he will arrange a follow-up appointment, if necessary,  to offer more control measures and ensure that control has been gained. 

Should a further treatment be necessary the Technician has the authority arrange this at no extra cost.

What if it doesn't work and we get them again?

Our treatments are guaranteed to control the pest that you are experiencing and we will not stop treating until you are 100% clear of pest activity, however, there may be requirements of you to carry out rodent-proofing etc and the Technician will have given you this advice on his report. 

If you follow the advice of your Technician it is highly unlikely that a re-infestation will occur.


Eradication Guaranteed

5 star rating for Pest Control in Kent and South East London

“Excellent service! Very professional and would definitely recommend”

Sara S


5 star rating for Pest Control in Kent and South East London

“Great service.
Reliable, great prices and very professional.”

David L


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