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Drawn to litter and food available, our cities and towns are rich pickings – and this can cause issues for residents and business owners alike. The mess and damage significant numbers of nuisance birds can cause can be quite astounding.

Thankfully, we are on-hand to provide our professional bird control services in Kent and East London – focusing on prevention and on-going bird control solutions.

With an incredible amount of experience and expertise in the industry – we offer a wide selection of solutions to help control the damage caused by nuisance birds.

We offer a same day service, are available 24/7 and use IPAF Licensed operators to erect preventative netting solutions. 

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All of our PCO's are Level 2 Certified in Pest Management.

Think Wildlife Campaign for responsible rodenticide
Think Wildlife Campaign for responsible rodenticide


Why choosing us can save you time and money in the long run.

What Do You Charge?

We have set costs to eradicate pests and we never charge more than the price you have been given.  Once the Technician has carried out the initial treatment he will know how the pest entered the property and they will offer advice on proofing, which will help ensure that you do not experience the same problem again.  If the proofing required is something you would like us to carry out then a cost for this will be discussed.

What Nuisance Birds Can You Deal With?

The birds which can be classed as “nuisance” birds are Feral Pigeons, Woodpidgeons, Seagulls and Canada Geese.

What Guarantees Can You Give?

We use only the highest standard nets, fixings and wire systems, in normal circumstances our installation can be expected to last for decades.

Do You Use Humane Methods?

We respect every form of life and we do not carry out any forms of bird control that ends life ie, shooting, trapping or culling.  We only install systems to prevent bird access and prevent perching.

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