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Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of and prevent from returning – unless you know what you are doing – and have done it hundreds of times!


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100% Eradication Guarantee With Our Bed Bug Control in all DA PostCodes

Whilst bed bugs aren’t linked to health issues, their bites can be itchy and leave red marks – which isn’t very nice – particularly if you have kids, or run a hotel/B&B – it’s certainly not something you would want mentioning in your TripAdvisor reviews!

Bed bugs are also notoriously difficult to completely eradicate – and so getting rid of them does require professional help. 

We offer bed bug control in Dartford, Gravesend, the DA Post Code area and East London – and offer a 100% Eradication Guarantee. 

You can call us out 24/7 – and we won’t charge extra for evenings or weekends.

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All of our PCO's are Level 2 Certified in Pest Management.


Choosing Us For Bed Bug Control in Dartford, Gravesend & DA Area

What Do You Charge?

We have set costs to eradicate pests and we never charge more than the price you have been given.  Once the Technician has carried out the initial treatment he will know how the pest entered the property and they will offer advice on proofing, which will help ensure that you do not experience the same problem again.  If the proofing required is something you would like us to carry out then a cost for this will be discussed.

What Guarantees Can You Give?

We know how difficult bed bugs can be to get rid of and whilst we offer a 100% eradication guarantee, we will also give you the best advice and guidance to ensure they do not return!

What Methods Do You Use?

To ensure the eradication of bed bugs, we consider your environment and their are several options available to us. Before we undertake any work we will advise you of the techniques available – and which one is best suited to your circumstances.

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